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French preschool - Maternelle

2024 Enrolment for the preschool

Please note that the minimum commitment when enrolling is 6 months for Term 1 & 2. 

We do have space for travelers coming a minimum 3 times a week when they arrive in Sydney.

Term 1 : from Saturday the 3rd of February to Saturday the 13rd of April 2024

Maternelle from 2.5yo to 5yo

Locations : Woolloomooloo, Northbridge & Crows Nest


Lundi : Woolloomooloo 3h00 (9.15 to 12.05am)

Mardi : Woolloomooloo 3h00 (9.15 to 12.05pm)

Mercredi : Northbridge 3h00 (9.15 to 12.05am) 

Jeudi : Woolloomooloo 3h00 ( 9.15 to 12.05pm)

Vendredi : Crows Nest 3h00 (9.00 to 11.50) 

Samedi : Crows Nest with choir / piano live 9.00 to 10.20am & 10.00 to 11.20am

Please note that our French preschool is usually FULL, it is important to email us with your phone number and the level of French of your child. We do give priority to fluent French speakers. If you are travelling for few weeks in Sydney and you would like your children to join friends speaking French please call us, We do welcome globe trotters a lot!

If you would like more info about the fees and the curriculum about our Preschool Program please email us with your contact number. 

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