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Delphine & Enzo

Founder & Managing Director of My French School

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Bienvenue à tous,

My French School is the dream school that I created for my 3 young children and their friends in September 2018. I had the idea in 2017 when I was pregnant with my 3rd baby love Enzo. 

I grew up as a musician with actors, painters, comedians, ballet dancers in the heart of Paris. I got the best education I could hope for and got my dream job in the classical music industry at the age of 23 after completing a Masters Degree in Music Management from the Sorbonne University and a BA in Arts at the Louvre Museum, Paris. Two years prior to that I was the youngest Director of Holiday camps in France, just to pay my studies, so I have more than 20 years experience with children from all backgrounds. Finally travelling the world for 2 years helping the poorest children in the world brought me a strong open mind and compassion for people.

After a successful career in the arts, music, media, events & education industries I felt that it was time to do everything for my children for them to grow up with beautiful memories.

I am fully convinced that music, arts, drama, dance and French poetry will shape their lives beautifully. 

At My French School you can feel the love, the passion and the joy for what we do. We are the only French school in Sydney linked with the arts.

My French School is open to everyone from any background.


Introduction by our founder

Delphine lived in the UK, Africa, Brazil and Guatemala before settling in Australia.

She crossed the Pacific on a sailing boat in 2010 from Costa Rica to Tahiti.

Delphine was nominated at the French of the Year Award in 2021, 2022 & 2023.

She is also a passionate French bilingual guide at the Sydney Opera House.

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