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Our Philosophy

French Speakers

My French School is the school we have always dreamed of for our children growing up with French parents in an Australian environment. 

My French School is a school of excellence where we have fun learning the French curriculum.

Parallel to the French classes, we also offer French Art History, Music classes, Drama classes, & French holiday camps.

My French School is your French, Music & Arts School in Sydney, Australia.

English Speakers

Our classes are designed for your child to learn French in an enjoyable and friendly environment. Whilst being exposed to French language your child will also discover French culture with a range of stimulating, engaging and fun activities.


The benefits of a second language


There are incredible benefits of learning another language. Learning additional languages increases critical thinking skills, creativity and flexibility of the mind in young children. There are also significant academic benefits.


Interesting Ted talk about learning a second language :   


Children who grow up learning more than one language develop empathy for others and a curiosity for different cultures and ideas; this helps them prepare to take their place in a global society. Furthermore, in later years, career opportunities increase for those with additional languages to offer.

Our philosophy


We aim to make our classes fun but structured to maximise learning and foundational skills. At this age, young children have time to learn through play-like activities. Language lessons can be informal and children’s minds are not yet cluttered with facts to be stored and tested. Additionally, before children become self- conscious they can try out their newly acquired languages without fear of embarrassment. 

Our teachers, who are all French native speakers, will accompany your child on this French journey through creative and fun speaking, reading and writing activities, inspired by both the French curriculum and the Montessori approach.


Our approach

Your child will be given the opportunity to interact and engage in small groups defined by age and level in order to explore their full potential with support and confidence from our teachers.


The course pace may vary at the discretion of the teacher, depending on the learning the ability of the class. However, programs are designed so that milestones in the French curriculum are met before students move to the next level.


Each class will cater for different learning styles - Visual, Auditive and Kinesthetic.  Classes will follow the general format: welcome/settle in, learning core language skill(s), variation of language skill(s), practice/reinforcement of skill(s), wrap-up. Tools used in class include song, story telling, story reading, and role-play.

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